Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Awards Trillion a Two-Year contract

Jan 2, 2018 | News

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Awards Trillion a Two-Year contract to provide maintenance and sustainment support to the Joint Planning and Execution Systems (JPES) Program Management (PMO) Framework JFW Release 3 and Release 5 Sustainment

Washington, D.C., December 2017 – The Defense Information Systems Agency selected Trillion Technology Solutions, Inc. as prime contractor for the JFW Release 3 and Release 5 Sustainment contract. This contract will provide maintenance and sustainment support to the DISA JPES PMO that supports system availability, stability, and interoperability of JFW R3 and R5 with other Department of Defense (DoD) systems.

The Joint Planning and Execution Services (JPES) Program Management Office (PMO) is responsible for modernizing and replacing the legacy Joint Operation Planning & Execution System (JOPES) in a net-centric, service-oriented architecture environment. The JOPES IT system is an integrated joint command and control system that has been used for over 20 years to support military operation planning, monitoring and execution activities within the Joint Planning and Execution Community (JPEC). JPES Framework (JFW) provides the back-end data store, attribute based access control, and services layer that will replace the infrastructure of the existing JOPES operational system. JFW is composed of software “infrastructure” components that provide management, storage, and access to authoritative planning data. Data objects are exposed through secure Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) based web services and synchronized with other planning databases as well as geographically distributed nodes.

The Modernized JOPES System was originally slated to be operational in FY17 but due to unforeseen issues it has now been delayed to FY19, thus creating the need for the maintenance and sustainment of JFW R3 and R5. Currently, JFW R3 is being stood up on the SIPRNet at the DISA-DECCs (Oklahoma City primary, St Louis COOP) while JFW R5 will be delivered late September 2017 where it will undergo significant testing. Once JFW R5 has been fully tested, all critical defects are fixed and is ready to go operational, JFW R3 will be replaced with JFW R5 at the same DISA-DECCs.

JFW R3 is a scaled down release only providing JOPES reference data and plan permissions to one external system known as Joint Capabilities Requirements Manager (JCRM). No other government system is planned/scheduled to interface with JFW R3.
JFW R5 is a critical incremental release to the phase I plan as JFW R5 is anticipated to support up to 12 government systems interfacing with it for their data requirements. R3 will only need to be maintained for up to 6 months or until R5 can replace it.