Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT

Where health and tech converge

TRILLION builds life-enhancing IT solutions that support superior service and drive operational efficiency.

Our methodology for delivering Health IT solutions is aligned with FEA principles, Federal Health Architecture (FHA), and industry best practices.

Advances in healthcare IT can create enriching collaboration between doctors, medical staff, administrators, and patients. TRILLION’s experience spans the HIPAA-compliant, HL-7 based, open multilingual healthcare exchange that connects providers and patients, a pharmaceutical knowledge base, and innovative, secure mobility.

Agile development solutions

Better, more secure patient care.

  • Healthcare Development: TRILLION has delivered across all phases of the healthcare IT development lifecycle. We leverage our knowhow, using it as a lens to study and analyze our client’s health IT business needs. We’re particularly adept at overseeing information systems throughout the Federal Government, supporting Biomedical Research, Health Sciences, and Healthcare that use Agile development methodology.
  • Healthcare Automation: Get unparalleled data analytics and information accessibility to improve quality care and patient access. Whether you want to uplevel your customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, or drive cost savings, our Health IT automation professionals handle the routine work so focus on what matters.
  • Mobile Health: More efficient caregiving. Reduced IT complexity. Accessible patient care info. This is healthcare on the go. Get the desktop experience on the move. We’ll help you make your most used healthcare applications more readily available from any device, anywhere, even in the event of site failures or outages.
  • Health Security: Our security services help healthcare industry organizations maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected health information (PHI) while still meeting HIPAA compliance mandates and thriving in highly regulated environments.

Advancing healthcare through the human and IT lifecycle.