Comprehensive solutions for complex problems.


Administrative complexities. Escalating costs. Inaccessibility. The global healthcare industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Investing in better health IT is more paramount than ever.

With the right tech tools, hospitals and medical centers can create sustainable solutions that sustain quality of life. At TRILLION, we’re experts at navigating this highly-regulated segment. Where others only see issues, we see ways to optimize efficiency and manage costs. Our solutions are HIPAA compliant and include healthcare IT automation, mobile enablement, smart data analytics and secure hosting.

We focus on the health of your IT, so you can focus on everyone else’s.

Connecting you with the world.

Internet Domain Management

Billions of people, connected all over the world. That’s the power of the internet.

Your website isn’t just your domain name. It’s how you communicate within the global information system. TRILLION has subject matter expertise (SME) in the networking and domain name service (DNS) technology that help you speak this universal language.

Our expertise covers all major domain name protocols and registries across the world. If you’re an industry leader – or want to be – domain management services should be your first priority.

Advancing learning in a new era.


Education is evolving. Learning is no longer confined to the classroom – it’s everywhere. Whether at home, on our phones, or as a hybrid model, schools and universities are moving into new realms.

TRILLION builds versatile cloud platforms and services to handle the demanding nature of today’s rich learning experiences.