Open Source

Open source has spurred innovation and growth like none other. While commercial organizations have long embraced open source, Government agencies have realized the importance of open source within their IT infrastructure and are rapidly embracing open source options to established COTS solutions.

Open source offers best of breed solutions with reliability, safety, and innovation that is equally comparable to established COTS solutions.

Trillion empowers our commercial and Government clients to create new, reliable, robust, scalable, and economical applications faster. We work with our clients actively to create a long-term open source strategy to meet their IT needs. We help our clients to:

Trillion recommends open source industry best practices and technology stacks to enable clients to free themselves from any vendor lock. Our open solutions allow our clients to take advantage of the flexible and free licensing models that open source offers. Open source also provides them with better customization and plug-and-play options that is not easy to achieve with most COTS products. Deployment options and better integration with DevSecOps is another advantage that open source offers.

When providing open source strategies, architecture, design, development and support Trillion strives for a better ROI for our customers without compromising on security and quality.

We have over 14 years of experience with open source technologies and integrating open source with cloud, mobile technologies and DevSecOps. Our SMEs not only help our customers at every step in open source adoption and migration but our skilled staff will ensure a painless transition to open source by collaborating closely with client management and engineering teams.

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