Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Emerging threats – prevented

It’s no longer enough to stay on the defensive.

Effective cyber security is actionable and proactive against attack. That’s what we do.

Governments and businesses must meet complex threats with airtight solutions. TRILLION powers your organization by architecting infrastructure and developing applications for a holistic security approach. Analyze what-if scenarios from historical data and respond to threats before they even appear. Combat potential fraud. Protect institutional intellectual property and enterprise applications. Lockdown your day to day assets.

Whatever your pain point, we’ll help you rest easy.

Agile development solutions

Next-gen solutions for next-gen attacks.

cyber security
  • Identity Management: PIV/PIV-I/CAC enablement and Single Sign-On across enterprises and government agencies for mission critical applications. Integrate open source and COTS products for best of breed solutions that meet your cybersecurity gaps head-on.
  • Security Engineering & Monitoring: Premier security engineering and surveillance tools support your agency’s ability to audit and monitor user access and device usage across the enterprise network. State of the art dashboards leverage middleware software to analyze network-wide data for a holistic view of the enterprise.
  • Proactive Threat Identification: Complex predictive analytical algorithms, machine learning, and state of the art visualization puts your security personnel miles ahead of cyber predators.
  • Custom Solutions: Open source software stacks and SOA incorporate big data predictive analytics, visualization, and customization built to your specifications. Monitor for ongoing attacks with always-on parallel processing. Dynamic heuristics, probabilistic, and detection analytics resolve complex problems before they become costly breaches.

Fully defended networks across the full cyber lifecycle.