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Public (Government)


Safeguarding the homefront.


The Department of Homeland Security is the third largest US federal department. With services ranging from antiterrorism efforts to disaster prevention and management, it requires great focus, experience, and flexibility to handle these many varied tasks. The same is true of its technology partners.

TRILLION has supported several programs at DHS for over a decade. Our staff has created IT Roadmaps and synthesized solutions that modernize our most critical infrastructures.

These IT services span the design, development, implementation, and support of flagship systems and programs that underpin our entire society. It takes a lot to defend a nation. We’re proud to supply our support.

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Defending those who defend us.


The Department of Defense is the oldest and largest US department. It manages a dizzying inventory of installations and facilities to keep us safe, wake or sleep. Multiply that by several hundred thousand buildings and structures across 5,000+ different sites, and you begin to get a sense of the scope: roughly 30 million acres of land combined.

TRILLION is routinely humbled by the vast reach of our DoD clients. We take this commitment to heart, continuously providing security solutions that safeguard our stalwart protectors. We practice our proven Agile methodologies, and utilize leading-edge open source and cloud technologies in our DevSecOps implementations to deliver systems and services to support today’s warfighter.

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Wellness that works.


There’s no overstating the importance of healthy citizens. TRILLION’s support of federal agencies on the front lines of healthcare remains some of our most complex and rewarding work to date.

We have analyzed, streamlined, and transformed these health IT services. Transitioned multiple, stove-piped systems to a shared services environment, bringing them in line with the Data Act. Managed and architected systems that are central to supporting the healthcare of our nation’s armed services personnel. These are full lifecycle solutions that serve those who serve.

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