Agile Development

Agile Development replaces the inefficiency and risk of outdated legacy methodologies with better collaboration and continuously measurable results at every point in your project. At TRILLION, our teams are experienced with Agile software development methodologies and consist of credentialed Agile professionals. From the highly specialized requirements of the federal government to the constantly changing needs of our corporate clients, we tailor our services to fit you.

Agile methodology is a good fit for a project that has a strong correlation and expectation between business objectives and success metrics. It is also a good alternative to predictive development methodologies when requirements are expected to change over the life of the project or if the business stakeholders envision improvising and perfecting the solution as it evolves over a period. Early course correction by stakeholders is possible with Agile methodologies, greatly reducing expenses and time to market, as opposed to the traditional methodologies, such as Waterfall, where all requirements are established at the beginning of the project and changes are not possible until the solution is deployed.

Our use of best practices in Agile, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), and DevSecOps is combined with the experience we’ve gained and established in the commercial industry and federal agencies. We tailor these practices to your needs by including various security mandates and regulatory requirements.


  • Project Planning, Delivery, and Control
  • Risk Management
  • Agile Coaching
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Design Thinking

Agile Methodologies

TRILLION is skilled in and uses a variety of program management techniques. We understand that our federal, DoD, and commercial clients face increasing pressure to do more with less. Because of this, TRILLION strives to deliver value with efficiency and effectiveness. We see the term “agile” as an adjective, not a noun, and realize the challenges to implementing the necessary changes to meet mission objectives. We apply the most appropriate methodology and work closely with our clients to develop and manage their program objectives.

Whether it’s leading delivery on complex IT solutions through our tested and proven Agile solutions, adopting Agile methodologies in one of your teams, or scaling Agile throughout your enterprise, we can support getting you to the next level, or supporting a transition in Lean Agile Transformation for impactful outcomes through a tailored SAFe.

TRILLION understands there isn’t one common solution for every project. With over a decade of Agile development experience delivering technical solutions to our clients, we customize a delivery solution that meets the customer’s needs, timeline, and budget constraints.

Agile Coaching

Whether you are a project manager, developer, or executive, TRILLION offers in-depth, custom Agile coaching. Our certified professionals offer training in Agile Framework and create road maps to successfully adopt Agile Framework, leveraging lessons learned over many projects. Our expert Agile coaches can come alongside your teams to mentor them throughout the program and optimize Agile adoption. Whether implementing for one team or scaling with SAFe, we will customize training to fit your needs.

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