Data Analytics

Harness the power of big data analytics to turn data into real insight. While the volume and velocity of data puling through businesses today is at an unprecedented level, most organizations can’t process it effectively for decision making. Extract meaningful trends from this mountain of untapped information. Trillion’s big data analytics solutions can turn your organization’s unstructured data into an important management tool. Let us transform your chaotic data into valuable, actionable intelligence.

Operations Analytics

Pinpoint wasteful spending, make more accurate decisions based on precisely captured insights. With Operations analytics all this and more is possible. Today, data pours in from an increasing number of touchpoints: computers, mobile devices, OOH media and real life interactions. The best part is that it’s all measurable. Don’t let it just sit there. We can help you find those little patterns that make a big difference, helping you anticipate and act on what’s next.

Operations analytics is a power tool. We have implemented and deployed it across multiple specific areas including cyber analytics, healthcare analytics and emergency management analytics among others. Our solutions can be easily customized to your business needs. We use industry leading technology stacks and products. We have successfully carried best practices and lessons learned from our commercial engagements into our government projects enabling our government clients to leverage our experience without having to reinvent the wheel.

We have architected and developed predictive analytical solutions for healthcare, cybersecurity, internet domain management and emergency management sectors in the industry and government.

Individual Engagement

Customers already engage with your brand through a stunning array of touch points- whether online or mobile browsing, apps, social media or just by phone. In the future, companies will be interacting with potential and future customers through as many as ten touch points. Never has it been more important to ensure a unified customer experience. Data analytics makes this easy. By allowing you to mine your records for customer behavior and insights, you can narrow customer segments and create lasting customer relationships and feedback across your entire company. Let Trillion help you get to know your customers in a way you never thought possible.

Data Mashups for Better Forecasts

It’s not just about having data, it’s about what you do with it. It’s about designing an outstanding big data strategy that answers the right questions. We help you bring your data streams from any number of places into one place to make way for a serious productivity boost. In today’s economy, those adopting data analytics into their business intelligence decisions are seeing clearer patters emerge, are detecting financial fraud, assessing risks on broad portfolios and anticipating demands for goods and services. Let Trillion bring your business predictions into the future.

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