December 2021 – Trillion Technology Solutions, Inc. (TRILLION) was awarded FAA “Spectrum Engineering Automation System (SEAS) Support to Support on FAA Spectrum Engineering Software development. TRILLION will provide FAA SES-specific automation systems, tools, and engineering modeling support in this award. This support includes the design, development, security, implementation, deployment, maintenance, data analytics and visualization, data governance and updates to the Automated Frequency Manager (AFM), various AFM sub-systems, and other automation tools. As part of SEAS modernization, TRILLION will leverage Cloud, Agile, Robotic Process Automation, and Machine Learning techniques. These automation systems allow SES personnel to perform their mission, serve their customers, and measure their performance.

Our Chief Operating Officer adds, “we are excited with our FAA SEAS win since it enables us to build upon our current Spectrum engineering support at FAA and is part of our growing Spectrum engineering portfolio at FAA and DoD.”