Trillion has a track record of success in government and commercial sectors, providing a diverse set IT services to meet complex business needs of clients. Both as prime and subcontractors, we pride ourselves in the value we bring to our partners and clients. We are appraised at industry leading quality standards including ISO 9000:2008 and CMMI Level 3 (Development). We use industry best practices in technology as well as processes including Agile development methodologies to provide accelerated solutions to our clients.


Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security is the third largest US federal department. With services ranging from antiterrorism efforts to disaster prevention and management, it requires great focus, experience and flexibility to handle these many varied tasks. Trillion has supported several programs at DHS for over a decade. Our staff has led creation of IT Roadmaps, introduced industry best practices, processes and technologies. We have been providing IT services in the design, development, implementation and support of various flagship systems and programs. We know what it takes to architect, design, develop, maintain and support mission critical applications that help defend our homeland and we have achieved great success, recognition and accolades for our various contributions.

Department of Defense

The Department of Defense is the oldest and largest US department. The Defense Department manages an inventory of installations and facilities to keep America safe. With more than several hundred thousand buildings and structures located at more than 5,000 different locations or sites, it’s scope is huge. The sides added together utilize over 30 million acres of land. Trillion is proud to support the DoD. Our staff have worked on providing ongoing support to the DoD in a number of ways. We understand how to continuously provide solutions with security integrated into every step.


Trillion has provided IT services to analyze and streamline processes to transition their IT systems supporting agencies providing health care related services to citizens and other supporting other federal agencies. We created a roadmap for transitioning multiple, stove-piped systems to a shared services environment that also conforms to the Data Act. Our staff has also managed and architected several systems that are deployed and instrumental in support health care to our nation’s armed services personnel.



The global healthcare industry is investing in better IT solutions in the face of higher costs and administrative complexities. With the right solutions, hospitals and medical centers can create sustainable collaboration among their many constituents, including doctors & medical staff, administrators and patients. At Trillion, our experience operating in this highly-regulated segment helps us implement smart solutions that optimize efficiency and management costs. Our solutions are HIPAA compliant and include healthcare IT automation, mobile enablement, smart data analytics and secure hosting.

Internet Domain Management

Close to half of today’s world population is connected to the Internet. Entities including web sites on the Internet use domain names to recognize and talk to each other. Trillion has subject matter expertise (SME) in the networking and domain name service (DNS) technology. We have been providing expertise and IT solutions to industry leaders providing domain management services. Our expertise covers all major domain name protocols and registries across the world.


Higher education institutions and training centers are shaking up their educational strategies as education moves out of the classroom and into the realm of interaction and mobility. The rise of social networking, mobile applications and multimedia has led to innovative new ways to teach and learn. Trillion builds versatile cloud platforms and services to handle the demanding nature of today’s rich learning experiences.