T-CAGE: Trillion’s DevSecOps Solution

T-CAGE, or the Trillion, Continuous Agile GatEway is one of the first cloud agnostic DevSecOps, PaaS/SaaS platforms. By integrating security into the very fiber of the development process, T-CAGE minimizes security vulnerabilities and meshes security, development and business objectives, creating an environment where everyone is responsible for security.

Process diagram for T-CAGE. Trillion's DevSecOps product

Increased Development & Recovery Speed

Templates and automation are used to drastically cut down on overall development time. This allows teams to more rapidly innovate and adapt better to changing markets and goals as well as recover much faster and more efficiently from security incidents.

Secure by Design

Application quality is constantly monitored and logged allowing for rapid application updates while still maintaining end user experiences. Increased focus on security and automated security review empowers all developers to use secure design principles and take ownership of application security

Improved Collaboration & Decreased Cost

DevSecOps emphasizes teamwork, ownership and accountability, letting teams better collaborate and share workflows. Security flaws are detected and fixed during development, thereby increasing speed of delivery and reducing overall cost.

To find out more about T-CAGE and the differences between DevOps and DevSecOps, read our whitepaper. Interested in trying out T-CAGE? Contact us today to find out how T-CAGE can improve your project.

Download the T-CAGE Whitepaper