Smart Data Analytics

Data Analytics and Machine Learning are revolutionizing the way we understand and use data. Cyber-attack and fraud detection is a prime example of how these technologies can be harnessed to create customizable, modular, scalable detection solutions. Trillion’s Smart Data Analytics Platform, pictured below, was used in an Anti-Phishing Platform to analyze several terabytes of data from across a broad range of data types. It then generated complex models, providing predictive analytics for cyber-attacks before they even happened. With Trillion’s Data Analytics Platform, we can change your raw data into action.

Invaluable Insights

Whether providing cyberattack predictions or tracking internet trends, Big Data puts valuable, actionable intelligence in your hands.

Inherently Scaleable

Big data needs to scale, which is why we ensured our solution was built with scalability in mind. It scales up or down to handle everything required.

Naturally Extensible

The core architecture of our data analytics solution can easily be used across multiple industries, from emergency management to retail e-commerce.

To find out more about how we used machine learning and Data Analytics to combat fraud, download our whitepaper.

Download our Data Analytics Whitepaper