Mobile Technology

Mobile technology helps organizations facilitate the delivery of services in real-time using ubiquitous mobile access and easy-to-use app-based interfaces. TRILLION can leverage the experience it has acquired in building mobile solutions for government agencies and commercial companies to help your organization achieve the benefits of mobile technology.


TRILLION’s mobile capabilities include the design and development of enterprise-grade mobile applications as well as mobile device and application management. We provide tailored mobile architecture combining cloud computing, mobile architecture, and wireless network communication to bring rich computational resources to mobile users. Our architecture extends cloud computing by providing enhanced availability and by using information about a user’s location, context, and network intelligence, thereby considerably improving the user experience. Leveraging mobile device storage, processing resources optimize cloud-based applications and add to a better user experience. We have adopted cloud computing into our IT ecosystem and service portfolio since 2006 and have been delivering mobile technologies since 2012. We have managed the development and deployment of native and hybrid mobile applications, using the higher performance of native applications and responsive user experience (UX) of hybrid, cross-platform applications.


TRILLION has designed, implemented, and delivered the fifth generation of a critical mobile application for one of the government’s critical disaster relief needs. The application was developed as an iOS and Android cross-platform mobile app that field inspectors use to collect and store data of damaged properties and integrates with the agency’s master repository and data source to support the administration of disaster assistance programs.

TRILLION has also developed a Derived Personal-PIV Credential (PIV-D) solution that demonstrates how PIV credentials can be added to mobile devices enabling two-factor authentications to meet policy guidelines. This solution, based on standards and best practices, can be tailored to all agencies that use PIV cards or CAC (Common Access Card).

TRILLION is engaged at a DoD organization to maintain and modernize one of its critical mobile applications. The approach uses an Android and Windows mobile and maintains the integration with the legacy enterprise backend. We designed a roadmap for achieving their future state by progressively replacing the Windows native application with a cross-platform React Native application, maintaining the same look and feel so users require minimal training.

TRILLION is engaged at another critical federal agency to modernize and migrate over 70 legacy custom applications into the cloud, including access via iOS and Android native mobile apps. Our participation includes are supporting the development, testing, and release of iOS and Android native apps to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store via MDM/MAM solutions such as AirWatch and Apple TestFlight.

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