Cloud Computing

Moving your business to the cloud transforms inefficient a traditional IT system into a high-performance vehicle designed to support the latest applications, security measures and platforms. Cloud computing has changed the way we think about IT. At Trillion, we’ve been designing and implementing cloud solutions for more than 10 years. With expertise in a variety of software stacks, including Amazon, Azure, VMware, Redhat and OpenStack, our certified professionals can help you develop a comprehensive cloud strategy that’s right for your business.

Cloud Creation/Management

Trillion builds and manages cloud strategies that help groups collaborate across platforms and devices, securely manage both public and sensitive content, and scale quickly to accommodate rising demands.

A leading provider of cloud implementation within DHS agencies and commercial clients, Trillion is able to build on and off premise, private, hybrid and community clouds. We can build small, medium and large sized cloud infrastructure with several hundred node clusters. We have the capability of setting up and managing your cloud for you with separated charge back mechanism for each account.

One size or architecture of Cloud does not fit all.

Each business case will be looked at on a case by case basis and the cloud architecture will be customized to the current needs as well as scalability and security requirements. Requirements are drawn out per each business need for Compute, Storage and Content Delivery, Data Management, Networking, Performance as well as Security and Identity requirements. These will be reflected in the recommended architecture before the Cloud environment is created. For government needs additional requirements and compliances are to be met including but not limited to ITAR, DISA, HIPAA, CJIS and FIPS.

Cloud Security

As experts in the field, we design public, private, community and hybrid solutions that cover the highest available levels of scrutiny.

Not all cloud computing strategies are equal.

While designing, and implementing Cloud infrastructure for our clients we leverage the inbuilt security offered by each Cloud provider at the operating system and virtual instance level.

We customize firewall settings, API access, SSL authentication, VLAN authentication, certificates and private keys per client needs. We also design and architect data access controls that are required for each business need by following industry best practices.

Cloud Application and Data Migration

As early pioneers of cloud computing, we have hosted and migrated numerous applications to the cloud and created high availability architecture to ensure they’re always there when you need them.

Our expert staff ensure the smooth migration process for all your infrastructure, data, and applications that emphasizes reliability and mitigates risk. From small businesses to large scale applications requiring petabytes of data, we ensure a seamless transition.

We have migrated several hundred on premise applications to the cloud.

We have designed and implemented cloud migration roadmaps for our clients that have reduced their expenses manifold while successfully discarding undifferentiated work such as data center hosting allowing them to focus on their primary businesses.

We believe in phased migration approaches, especially for large projects, to mitigate risks associated with migrating the cloud which vary with each application and data requirement. Data migration is always preceded by detailed analysis of the data and its requirements.

Cloud Analytics

We offer high-performance computing and data analytics so you can make better management decisions.

We have designed cloud infrastructure to include data analytics.

We have expertise in custom analytics solutions by non-cloud provider data analytics frameworks as well as cloud provider data analytics such as HDInsight or Elastic MapReduce (EMR). We have built data analytics solutions for multiple market segments including federal government, healthcare, and cyber security among others.

Cloud Training

Learn to leverage the power of cloud technology in your business.

Whether you are a developer or executive, we offer custom tailored training to help you take full advantage of cloud computing. We provide Cloud training at client sites as well as conduct Cloud workshops at Trillion facilities.

We have also conducted two-day workshops at technical schools. Our training not only goes over cloud computing fundamentals but also provides examples that relate to addressing business needs that are commonly found in the industry and can be solved by moving to the Cloud.

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